I Have Seen Too Much, Wipe My Eyes Away (Install)
I Have Seen Too Much, Wipe My Eyes Away
"The night is long that never finds the day."
——William Shakespeare
Using recycled objects and images, manipulated photographs, and real and constructed memories, I selectively reveal aspects of my personal history as I expose the underlying passion-filled dreams, persistent anxieties, and dark desires of humanity. An important component of my art is the selection of objects and images that are its foundation. Each is from my personal archive—assembled over a lifetime—and, as such, is imbued with the history of its time as it relates to the present and as it presages future events. 
My installation, I have seen too much, wipe my eyes away (2018), consists of original photographs, Tar Gel, and found objects printed and collaged on archival paper. Temple Heads, Tears and Stoop were all shot on location in London. Yearbook speaks for itself as does Trash. Text pages are a combination of annotated text from my library, found text, and found images combined with text. The pages are installed intuitively—a blending of beauty and horror, grief and transcendence, secrecy and revelation, and dissonance and harmony—to allow the viewer to make seemingly tenuous but vital connections between individuals and events referenced in the pages, and perceived order and anticipated chaos.

In 2022, I have seen too much, wipe my eyes away was installed in a slightly different configuration at Bridge Red Project Space, Miami, FL.